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  • Dale Sessa, "All the Queen's Men"

    Dale Sessa, "And All the Queen's Men"

    Thu, 8/07/2014 - 7:00pm

    Books & Books Westhampton Beach, 130 Main Street, Westhampton Beach, NY

    The recipe: take one controlling father, add three husbands, fold in an assortment of boyfriends and lovers, stir in the Hollywood machine, sprinkle wiht a touch of promiscuity and serve with forgiveness.

    The dish: And All the Queen's Men, a memoir of Dale Sessa's journey of discovering herself through the many relationships in her life. Brazenly, Sessa tells her story of a (not so) nice Jewish girl, a tale that speaks to all women who find themselves in conflict with a manipulative father, scarred by sexual or verbal abuse, or smothered by a soundless partner who refuses to communicate.

    At once scandalous, seductive, and humorous, this insightful memoir is a true acount of the author's deeply personal life as she struggled to maintain power in the boardroom and the bedroom. An uber-successful businesswoman, Sessa was the first woman to have owned and operated her own TV commercial production company during an age (the 1970s and 80s) that told women "You can't!" But Dale Sessa answered, "I can." And, she did!

    "Dale Sessa delivers a compelling, literary memoir. Part The Great Santini, part The Happy Hooker, And All the Queen's Men takes us on a deep, emotionally challenging journey, leaving us breathless when, in the end, the author finally finds what she's been searching for." —Howard Gordon, Executive Producer of "24" and "Homeland"

    "An unabashedly honest, introspective and moving debut memoir focusing on the author's relationships with the men in her life. A fast-paced, optimistic memoir." —Kirkus Reviews 

  • Geoffrey Fleming, “Hampton Bays”

    Geoffrey Fleming, “Hampton Bays”

    Sun, 8/17/2014 - 4:00pm

    Westhampton Free Library, 7 Library Avenue, Westhampton Beach, NY

    Discover the History of Hampton Bays in a new book with stunning, vintage images.

    Telling a story in pictures is Hampton Bays, the newest book in Arcadia's "Image of America" series, by local historian and author Geoffrey K. Fleming. The book boasts vintage images, many of which have never been published, and showcases memories of days gone by.

    In the heart of the Hamptons, located on the South Fork of eastern Long Island, is the community of Hampton Bays, which was founded long ago as Good Ground. As the name implies, the area was settled because of the fertile land and the plentiful fish and shellfish found in the surrounding bays and inlets. Today the hamlet is a popular vacation spot with some of the most renowned beaches on the south shore. Hampton Bays features images that document the changing nature of the community and its eventual conversion from a farming village to a popular summer resort.

    Geoffrey K. Fleming, a fan and former resident of Hampton Bays, was born and raised on Long Island. He currently serves as director of the Southold Historical Society on the North Fork of Long Island and is the author of three previous books. In Hampton Bays, Fleming has carefully selected images from the collection of the Hampton Bays Historical and Preservation Society, as well as from several other public and private collections, to document the rich history of this community.

  • Barry Libin, “The Mystery of the Milton Manuscript”

    Barry Libin, “The Mystery of the Milton Manuscript”

    Sun, 8/24/2014 - 4:00pm

    Westhampton Free Library, 7 Library Avenue, Westhampton Beach, NY

    An Oxford student's investigation into his professor's death unveils the hidden meaning of Milton's Paradise Lost amidst a trail of treachery and murder.

    This thrilling mystery is the story of Keith Jessup, a Ph.D. student at Oxford, whose professor is murdered before delivering a lecture disclosing Milton's own explanation of Paradise Lost. In his stead, Keith takes up the quest to find the Milton Manuscript and finally unravels the meaning of the epic poem. The scholarly hunt proves perilous as he discovers a plot to coneal the manuscript. Why? What could it contrain that would spark such fear and murder over the centuries?

    Brimming with intrigue, mystery, and suspense, this book is a tale of history, literature, forgery, and religious conspiracy that exposes the enigma behind Milton's epic poem, the most widely read and celebrated poem of Western literature. This classic of the English nation and all Christendom, was written to justify the ways of God to man and explain the moral paradox of evil. But was it truly based on the Christian theology, as assumed, or from a different set of beliefs? Some believe that Milton himself wrote a lost manuscript explaining the true meaning of his poem. Was there really such a manuscript? If so, why has it remained concealed for so many years? This novel deals with the search for Milton's true spiritual beliefs. 

    Barry Libin is a composer, playwright, lyricist, and medical researcher. His play, "The Triangle," tells the story of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire. The Mystery of the Milton Manuscript is his first novel.

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